Interactive Media What?

When I tell people I’m an Interactive Media Management professional, the most common reactions I get are “Interactive Media What?” or “Bu.. bu.. but… what you really do?”.


Well… Even my mom doesn’t know what I do.

Although it sounds weird, it IS such an interesting area. Do you know why? I bet you don’t, because no one seems to know! Anyway… Why don’t you take some time and check out the reasons why me and the IMM Centennial College students just love it!

  1. There are so many areas to follow, that it’s hard to choose one…tumblr_o7ewy6zaa91s8dr5oo1_500
    …while there’s still that “what are you gonna do when you grow up?” feeling.

  2. Much of the work is about analyzing creepy User Experience (UX) apps and sites…
    … so you can NEVER repeat those errors. At all. At ANY circumstance.

  3. You can make some videos too…

  4. … or try to understand the clients’ problems BEFORE starting to manage their projects.
    What's your problem? - Emma Stone in Easy A GIF - EmmaStone EasyA WhatsYourProblem GIFs
    We are kinda their therapists!

  5. And once you start to manage their projects…
    … for everything.

  6. But there’s room for trying different things sometimes. Clients really enjoy innovation!
    They really do! Sometimes. As long as you do not exceed their budget.

  7. Interactive Media meetings are usually much funnier…
    … than yours at least.

  8. You’ll need to code sometimes…

  9. … and will need some wine after, to relax.
    Just to celebrate you made a homepage after 5 days coding full time.

  10. In the end, you will not make as much money as you (think you) deserve, but…f2sxvdc

    You’ll have a LOT of fun. THAT is cool!



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